Spotlight Movie


The movie Spotlight is a really great example of how journalists bring attention to an issue when it affects the community at a significant level that it has to be reported on. These stories can be rooted throughout a neighborhood, a city, even across many states. I believe the work that these journalists put forth over many months and years shows how personal and dedicated they were in making sure justice was served. As an individual who works in broadcast journalism, this story only reaffirmed why I chose to be a part of the television industry. Being able to report on many different stories in order to show the community what is going on exactly when it happens is what makes broadcasting so interesting. Even though there might be a slight dislike of the media, there is a reason why this industry exists and the many functions it serves besides reporting the news.

If major issues are not brought up and talked about, then who will be the watchdog that monitors the many institutions we rely on? Individuals get comfortable and that is where we get into trouble because that is when people lose sight on what and who exactly they are working for. Ethics play a major role in the different decisions made on a daily basis and some people are less ethical then others. If this unethical behavior exists in top level positions, then it is our responsibility to expose what needs to be fixed and why the behavior is wrong. Bad decision making needs to be corrected if skewed because if not then we normalize the behavior as if there are no alternatives to the norm. People might not enjoy the news digging around and trying to get information, but this is the only way to make sure that the information is vetted correctly and that our sources are actually credible before we publicize the story.

It is nice to know that we have the “fourth estate” looking out for the public’s best interest despite some people in the industry’s misjudgment. Don’t get me wrong, the journalism industry is not perfect either, but there is a large majority of people that work in this industry that are extremely dedicated to serving on the public’s behalf when there is wrongdoing. We worry about things that we think are important to the public because people have busy lives and might not know about the dangers of a consumer product or significant weather patterns that bring major changes that could put lives in jeopardy. The industry is about trying to be ahead of issues so that if something unforeseen occurs we can refocus on what needs to be addressed to the public in a timely manner. News is always happening and being there as its happening is what I enjoy most about being in broadcasting. Letting the communities know what is coming next is the human element of the news that will always exist. We live in these exact same neighborhoods, cities, and states as well so making sure the public is aware and safe also ensures our safety.



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