Spiral of Silence and Selective Exposure

I think that professor Strother made some really valid points about those in the minority not being able to feel confident enough to speak out against the majority opinion. With social media access available everywhere on any device, you would think that it would make it easier for people who have differing opinions to express how they view a specific topic. Expressing ones views in a face-to-face setting I believe takes more courage than expressing ones views on a comment section or a social media platform. Given that social media provides a little anonymity and also provides the ability to comment on anything without having to attend a town-hall or conference that have people who range in how they feel about certain topics.

Having the ability for others to get their side across is what keeps the conversation moving and allows for individuals to express why they think a certain way about an issue and how those feelings play a role in their lives. Since people have so many different experiences, each person brings a different opinion and way of thinking that could change the way you view something. Having the ability to shed many different lights on the same issue helps to keep the flow of information available to everyone who wants to know what the differing opinions are. If people are not able to get both sides of a topic, how can they know for sure if the information they believe to be true is actually valid? You need two sides to create an argument and there has to be give and take from both sides to come to the conclusion as to which side has more valid points. People can follow the discourse from a specific topic and figure out for themselves what side they feel better aligns with their own personal beliefs. If only one side is allowed to express their opinion then this will make society less open to differing views and more hostile to those who challenge the majority opinion. The Spiral of Silence and Selective Exposure only setup people for being more closed-minded and prevent the two-sided argument I spoke about earlier.


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