Day 7: Climbing to the Top


My journey with the Capitol comes to an end this Friday and for me this has been a wonderful collection of memories. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people who all support each other and who are extremely dedicated to serving the public. I hold the Colorado General Assembly in high regard for the services that it provides to the public and the hardworking legislators and staff that support the legislative process every session. I have learned so much over these last two sessions and am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve the public in an institution that creates the very laws that affect everyday citizens.

It is important that the citizens of Colorado learn the legislative process because they have a big influence on what bills get passed. Having the ability to go and speak to your legislator and knowing how legislation goes through the Colorado General Assembly helps the public decide what laws they would like to see enacted in their districts and statewide. Government does have many moving pieces, but the process is still enjoyable for everyone involved. Getting the chance to work with so many different individuals with a variety of backgrounds also helps because they can add to the experiences of working with state government. Many people have worked in different departments so this is a great way to network and have the opportunities to move your way through other departments in the State of Colorado. There are many different ways to serve the public and the Capitol is an opportunity that I will always cherish. The professional relationships and friendships I have made will follow me along any journey that I decide to take. It is sad to know that I will no longer be able to see my fellow colleagues on a daily basis. This a moment in my professional career that I will always look back on, but I know that this journey will continue to move forward and will lead me to other opportunities.


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