Day 4: Day at the Capitol















Each day of the week at the Colorado General Assembly we have groups that come up for their day at the Capitol. These groups can range from teachers, nurses, firefighters, law enforcement and even school groups can come and see their government at work. This is a great opportunity to see how legislators conduct everyday matters in the House and Senate Chambers. Day at the Capitol events help with showcasing to the public what the legislative process is about and what bills their specific legislator is working on during the session. Individuals can visit and speak with their legislator about current bills being discussed and legislation that they would like to see considered for next session.

Having the public come to the Capitol is a great way for their concerns to be addressed and they can come and visit anytime to speak with their representative or senator. Public input is very important and concerns about a particular issue does have the possibility of becoming law which benefits everyone in Colorado. Much of the information is online which is perfect for those who want to see what bills are being passed in case they are not able to come to the Capitol in person. The public can also write to their representative or senator and also contact them by email or phone if they have question about a specific bill during the legislative session. The many different bills passed with the Colorado General Assembly do become law and that is why it is important the individuals take part in the process to make sure that if they want a new law passed or currently laws to be changed, that they let their legislators know what they would like to see addressed. Legislators in both chambers are working rigorously to pass laws that protect the public.


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