Day 3: Legislative Interns


If you are a college student, retired, or you enjoy government at the local level, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the Colorado General Assembly. Each legislator can have up to five interns a session with a legislative aide overseeing the interns and assigning tasks that their legislator has daily. Interns get to help their legislator with everything from answering phone calls and emails from constituents, making sure their legislator has what they need for their assigned committees, and attending town-hall meetings and legislative lunches set up by different stakeholder groups. Interns are paid for their work and can choose the hours that fit best which is why this is a great experience for college students who want to get involved in politics.

Being that aides and interns are involved in the many tasks assigned by their legislator, they can see the many faucets of local government and the different agencies that help keep the government running as efficient as possible. There are also many opportunities for aides and interns to get other jobs in other departments in the State of Colorado or they can go work for and become a lobbyist for the many lobbying firms located in the downtown area surrounding the Capitol. Interns play a crucial role in ensuring that their legislators are taken care of for anything that may come up at the last minute. I enjoy helping the aides and interns in my building because I know that they have many tasks to accomplish and if I can do anything to make their job easier, I am always happy to help! The Capitol is a busy place and aides and interns are needed every session because of the many moving pieces. We need everyone’s help to keep the wheels turning and making sure that the General Assembly is serving the public in an efficient manner.


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