Day 2: Postponed Indefinitely



The term “postponed indefinitely” or “P I’d” happens when a piece of legislation does not make it past committee when it is being voted on by legislators in the committee that the bill is assigned to. This happens usually after there has been many discussions on the bill and there are hearings where the public can attend to hear people testifying either for or against a certain bill. Many of these committee hearings can be very tense and controversial depending on what topic is being discussed. These bill topics can range from legislation on gun control rights, education, energy, and transportation. Many people come out to sit in on committees or testify and this can be a good opportunity to see the public’s reaction to a piece of legislation.

The legislation that is postponed can be brought up again for next session if another legislator wants to. Many factors play a role in trying to get a bill passed again in the next session. Those involved with the many discussions on the bill and the public’s input when the bill goes back to committee. Each legislator has to pass five bills each session where they are the prime sponsor of the legislation. Bills that are introduced in the Senate have three numbers starting with 001 and the House has four numbers starting with 1001 and have for example HB 16 – 1001 with the 16 signifying that this specific bill is being introduced in 2016. Sometimes a legislator will remove their name as a sponsor for a specific bill and this can happen because a legislator might not agree with where a bill is headed depending on which amendments are added to the bill. Other legislators can add their names to a bill after passage on third reading of bills in either chamber. Each bill also has a committee report and fiscal note (pink sheet) to forecast the costs of the bill.


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