How Media and Law Enforcement Can Work Together

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Police Chief Michael Phibbs came to speak to student journalists about the ways in which the media and law enforcement can work together on different issues. Some of the issues he addressed were for the media to always vet their sources by calling in to local law enforcement agencies about a specific issue and to give them some time to research and find the facts regarding some of your questions. He also talked about making sure that reporters actually establish relationships with their Chief of Police and other law enforcement agencies because law enforcement officers are more likely to work with reporters with whom they trust. Another great point made by Chief Phibbs was for the media to be open- minded and to make sure to check deadlines because the law enforcement agencies might not be able to get the information to you at the time that you might need it for a story you might be working on.

For the law enforcement side and the media, he talked about officers respecting each individual’s constitutional rights and making sure to provide public safety to each individual and keeping the community safe for everyone. He talked about making sure that police and media are working together as a team so that each side is on great terms. He emphasized how both media and law enforcement agencies rely on each other for resources or help broadcasting public service announcements. He also talked about how if reporters want to get in touch with law enforcement officers or the Chief of Police to try to make it an in person interview as much as possible so that both sides can establish a rapport with each other and can be great assets when the times comes for a reporter doing a story or law enforcement officers needing to get the word out about a specific individual or crime in any location.


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