Day 1: Colorado General Assembly

Nice day at the Capitol!

This is the place where I come to help out in the mornings for my daily routine of my job at the Colorado State Capitol. The building I am located in is the Legislative Information Services Building or LSB for short. This is where I, my co-workers, and my supervisor get the bills collated to be sent over to the Assignable Clerks for the Colorado General Assembly. When we collate the bills we make piles of bills that go from the largest bill to the smallest bill. Each stack has one copy of each bill and we count out 13 stacks for the House that go into 6 manila folders and 3 manila folders with 15 stacks for the Senate. The Colorado House of Representatives has 65 members and the Colorado Senate has 35 members.

After getting everything collated for the Assignable Clerks in the Capitol, we make 42 collated stacks of bills to place in the mailboxes that lobbyists have requested before the legislative session begins in January. This mailboxes have been full in the past, but have slowly dwindled given that most of the information that we get in the morning is online for public access. Anyone can come and visit the bill room to get any information they would like to know about the State Capitol and the Bill Room. Everyone can get copies of bills to see what exactly is moving through the legislative process. The Bill Room is a great place to start if you want to learn more about the legislative process in Colorado and to speak to a specific legislator who represents your district. The staff in the Colorado State Capitol is happy to answer any questions that many constituents, lobbyists, and visitors from out of state have about the history of the State Capitol and the many pieces of legislation making their way through both chambers of the State Capitol.


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