#ImpactJournalism Day


In the recent Huffington Post Blog, the author Mélie Nasr writes about how newspapers in counties all over the world want to bridge the gap between nations by highlighting ideas and innovations that can tackle the most pressing problems affecting those globally. These stories will be covered by different newspaper outlets that strive to inspire people with the ideas and innovations that people are thinking about in order to address major issues. The source of this article curated the information from the different stories covered by newspapers that encourage their readers to submit papers for projects that can make a difference and that can change people’s outlooks on some of the many ways individuals and companies are dissecting each issue.

The news source that is continuing this progression towards innovation is Sparknews which is the creator of #ImpactJournalism Day has brought to the forefront the companies and individuals with ideas or creations on how they decided to take an issue head on and create a project that contributes to the well-being of those experiencing these problems. The sources and stories that Sparknews sourced from was a really great way to attract new and established readers as to the many different projects currently being worked on. With many more stories to come this year and next, this is a trend that will continue because of the alliance of newspapers trying to make the world a more positive place by covering issues that are being addressed by individuals and companies all over the world.

By allowing people from all over to submit papers of their ideas and the ability to connect directly with Sparknews and the ability of following on social media and subscribing to their newsletter allows greater access to both creators and readers alike. Also because of these stories being covered by many newspaper outlets, it can open up the networking and linking opportunities to as many people as possible. This also creates an environment where people can collaborate together on ideas and also help projects they find innovative. This is a great way for companies and individuals to get their ideas seen by readers and for readers to become more informed and also become inspired in creating their own projects.

Not only did Mélie Nasr provide a link to the Sparknews website, readers also get to see the list of the alliance of the different newspapers who share these stories every year when the #ImpactJournalism Day is posted on social media outlets. Because these projects are covered each year by journalism media outlets, these ideas do not go unheard because there is a commitment to making the world a better place no matter where people are located. These stories do a great job breaking down barriers, socioeconomic status, geographic locations, and nations to showcase the most innovative ideas to those who would benefit from it most. Ideas and innovations will continue to drive individuals and will make products more efficient and accessible to groups around the world. This is the main point that the alliance of newspapers wants to get across to readers and innovators.



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