Virtual Reality OS

In the “Who Will Own the Virtual Reality Interface?” by Linc Gasking he goes into the many companies trying to develop and get into the already concentrated market of virtual reality products for consumers. What I did enjoy about the article was that the writer did give examples of what both Google and Apple were planning for their upcoming and future upgrades to their virtual reality technologies. The one issue was that the article was leaning more towards Apple’s products being more popular with consumers since he mentioned that consumers tend to stick with closed operating systems because they are easier to use when technology gets more complex. He also made the point that consumers also prefer to use higher quality gear when it comes to electronics which Apple is known for when creating electronics. This sort of makes Google and other electronics companies like Microsoft as weak in making products that are not only useful to the consumer, but also looks appealing when the consumer is buying it.

The author has also made it seem as the strides that Google and Facebook have made in the virtual reality market is strong, but the virtual reality industry is still pretty fresh and that Apple can come up from behind despite having a later start. What I think is that the virtual reality industry is still fresh, but companies like Google, Facebook (acquiring Oculus Rift) and Microsoft could give Apple a run for its money given that these companies continue to innovate and invest in other technologies that can improve the virtual reality products that are available to consumers now. Since Apple always seems to be tight lipped on new technologies that they are working on, it is hard to tell what products or investments the Cupertino company may have up their sleeve.

What I would suggest to the writer is to not suggest that the virtual reality market is leaning towards a closed operating system and to keep an open mind to some consumers maybe wanting to customize the OS that is running their virtual reality headset. Not every consumer is happy with what the company provides with the operating system on their headset and they what to have the ability in the future to do as they please with their product. If the headset and operating system is dominated by one company, then how does that make the virtual reality industry innovative or new? A company like Apple could just create a device that looks exactly like any other apple device and make it more difficult for other companies to get a piece of the virtual reality market because consumers do tend to stick with a company and operating system that they are familiar with.

What I do agree with the author in the article is that technology companies will have a tough time trying to convince consumers to carry a second device along with their phone. This is a challenge that I believe all technology companies will be able to solve by either making the second device really small that it seems minuet in the consumer’s hand or integrating individuals phones with the virtual reality widget so that it is an “all in one” device.


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