The Art of the Blog

SDC13530A person’s blog creates a personal space where they can create content that gets readers informed about a certain topic or maybe give another perspective to the conversation that people may not have considered before. Since blogging requires you to have a good grasp of your topic it makes you a better researcher and can make you think of better ways of getting your information and the types of sources you draw from for future use.

The way you present yourself can persuade or can make others disagree with the content in a way that may come across differently than how others may perceive the information. Blogging does make content more or less condensed and the way the content is written can change influence how readers react and respond to your blog. Getting instant feedback from readers can improve on your blog and can help you decide what structure or “voice” works best without trying to completely change the direction your blog is going. The voice that Felix Salmon talks about is exactly what I hope to strive for when readers come across content on my blog.

Blogging and journalism can coexist nicely especially since both realms do a great job at dissecting what is important and why it needs to be reported. In both respects, each of the two have their drawbacks, but it gives another perspective on content from a different type of voice. Felix Salmon said it best when he mentioned “Blogging has clearly given readers a much wider range of news sources to choose from, and it’s great that readers are no longer confined to getting their news from a handful of outlets.” Blogging gives everyone a chance to join in on what they find most interesting on many different blog sites. Trying to find the words to create a blog can be a challenge if you don’t have ideas of what types of blogs, articles, or other news wires can offer you in terms of providing the content you are looking for.

Contributing to someone else’s blog is also a great way to get some input or ideas of how you could start off your blog without imitating the other blog too much. Collaborating seems to be welcomed with blogging and this is one of the other ways it differs from the realm of journalism. Journalism does seem to make it more exclusive in the since that not everyone can be a part of a breaking story and can contribute. Some journalism reporting tends to be monopolized by one person and that could be why blogging has become more popular over the years. Felix also mentions that since bloggers are not limited by how much they can write they are more detailed which I find can get the content across better to readers which is how I would like to structure the content on my blog.

Felix makes a great point about how social media sites like Twitter make news reporting more distributed which can make blog posts spontaneous in that the content can either be current or can range from a couple of months leading up to a content that occurred years ago. The amount of times you blog can differ also because there are instances where you may have to generate more sources for a certain blog than others.

I believe Liana Yeoman has a great point about blogging when she talks about “Further more Felix also says in his blog “Don’t censor yourself” I think that’s the most exciting thing about blogs! there is not middle man telling you what you can write about or can’t write.  I feel like this is one of the greatest aspects of blogging. As writers we always like to exercise our freedom of speech, and now we can in a community of writers.”




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